The Booth

A Bondo Booth is unlike any other photo booth you’ve seen. We focus on creating a memorable experience for your guests through immediate access to photos, engaging booth hosts, imaginative backdrops and props, and user-friendly technology.


Immediate Downloads

Photos Available Online Example

Photos are available immediately after they're taken, so guests can access photos on their phones at the event and share for all the world to see. Prints come out within 60 seconds after the photos are taken.

Engaging Booth Hosts


Our high-energy and friendly hosts are trained to provide a welcoming, memorable experience for all your guests. Hosts walk guests through the photo booth process step-by-step ensuring everyone feels comfortable and ready for the camera.

High Quality

Bondo Booth Set Up

We want every guest to walk away feeling amazing about their photos which means our booth consists of highest quality studio camera and lighting, backdrop, props, and printer. We use an interactive touchscreen so guests can see their poses and photos in real time, much like taking a selfie.

Custom Prints

Open Air Booth

Community Events

Untitled design (3).png

Choose from classic 2x6 photo booth strips or a 4x6 prints. We create a unique print design for your event, which includes any branding, hashtags, or messaging that you want. Check out some samples in our gallery.


Our open-air photo booth allows guests to see how the photo booth works and the cool poses from the participants before them. Unlike traditional closed booths, this set-up is guaranteed to pump up the energy in any room.


We focus most of our outreach on public, community, and nonprofits events in order to provide the Bondo experience to as many communities as possible. Whether you’re a conference, festival, fundraiser or community party, we offer partial to full sponsorships where we can.


Packages and Pricing

Starting at $300 (2).png
Starting at $300 (3).png

We customize each quote based on how much time you need, your desired backdrop and props, logistical information, and anything else you made need to add to make your Bondo Booth perfect!