A different kind of photo booth experience.

Bondo Booth is an open air photo booth company specializing in engaging and imaginative experiences geared towards nonprofit, community, and public events, but we love private events, too!

We believe in…

Engaging Experiences


We thrive on uniquely curated props, innovative backdrops, and engaging photo booth hosts. We tailor every event to its specific needs and we don’t just sit in the corner on our phones. We engage with guests to make sure they have a great time.

Environmental Sustainability


We care deeply about being good stewards of our environment from purchasing vintage props to using organic cleaner and hand sanitizer. We've also partnered with D3 Solar to provide a solar-powered photo booth experience run completely on power generated from the sun for your next event - outdoor or indoor.

Women's empowerment


Not only is our company woman-owned, but our entire team of hosts are diverse Detroit women ranging in age, ethnicity, background, race, and personality. Our Bondo Babes make each guest of the booth feel welcomed, comfortable, and confidant - exactly how we want to be treated.


Our History

With the help of her family, Jessica Bondalapati created Bondo Booth in 2017 to bring her own take on the photo booth experience to communities in and around Detroit. As a family-owned company, she focused on bringing their service to as many communities as possible by offering low-cost packages, developing "community love" programs, and directing their outreach to community-oriented events. With the help of an incredible team of hosts aka Bondo Babes, Bondo Booth has continued to grow into a thriving photo booth experience focused on nonprofit, community, and public events.

From fundraisers to block parties to international festivals, Bondo has made a name for itself on being engaging, full of positive energy, and all about bringing people together with a photo.


Our Booth

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