Bondo Booth is an open air photo booth company specializing in engaging and imaginative experiences geared towards nonprofit, community, and public events, but we love private events, too!

Not a single event goes by where at least one person is nervous, embarrassed, or self-critical about taking a photo. And not a single event goes by where we don't witness a transformation within someone like that. A photo booth is often seen as an extra service for organizers with money where only the confident guests get to experience it. Our mission was to turn that thinking on its head and we've started to accomplish that. From homeless youth at Detroit Phoenix Center, families at Noel Night, shoppers at All Things Detroit, GED graduates at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center, and festival goers at Movement, we have created a memorable experience promoting authenticity, expression, and positivity. We have so much further to go and so many more communities to touch, but we are proud of each guest's photo to date.


Who We Are

Best friends turned sisters-in-law, Jessica and Kirsten Bondalapati, created Bondo in 2017 to bring their own take on the photo booth experience to communities in and around Detroit. As a family-owned company, they focused on bringing their service to as many communities as possible by offering low-cost packages, developing "community love" programs, and directing their outreach to community-oriented events.

In 2018, Kirsten left the business to pursue her career while Jessica (with the help of some incredible Booth Booth hosts) has continued to grow Bondo into a thriving photo booth business focused on nonprofit, community, and public events. From fundraisers to block parties to international festivals, Bondo has made a name for itself on being engaging, full of positive energy, and all about bringing people together with a photo.


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